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Welcome to Beyond The Blue Couch where lifestyle meets psychotherapy!

Don't take a seat just yet besties, let's go Beyond The Blue Couch with your girl and wellness bestie Kimesha C. Morris, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, PhD Candidate, Owner and Founder of Nia Counseling & Consulting Services, city girl (haha, no not like that) who loves all things fashion, interior design, travel, spirituality, holistic living/self care and so much more. I love mentoring early career Psychotherapist but most of all, I am passionate about providing therapeutic services to individuals in non traditional ways, ways that go beyond the clinical space, ways that go beyond the couch.


Here, you'll find me musing on psychotherapy topics as well as fashion, travel, food, spirituality, manifesting, music, relationships and more. I will demonstrate how managing your lifestyle in various ways can be very therapeutic and strengthen your mental health in ways you may not have imagined. I may even talk on topics such as racial trauma and racial microaggression that occur in clinical spaces.

Here we will go beyond the therapeutic couch, we'll leave the consultation room and bridge the gap between this sacred therapeutic space and our world. Whether it's fashion, travel, food, spirituality, etc. it can all help improve how one navigate this thing called life. I’ll interview individuals on diverse topics as well and have guest bloggers blog on topics of interests. Some blog post may cater more to the Black female as I identify as such but many of the topics discussed can be generalized across race, ethnicity, gender and sexual identity.
I can’t wait to connect with you all on this platform!

Are you ready to go Beyond The Blue Couch? Let's Go!
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